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Constitution Day celebrated @ Seattle’s Jewelbox Theater

When the Constitution is ‘read’ in public it usually means whizzing through the document without understanding its meaning. This past Constitution Day, Monday, September 17th, Seattleites rolled up their sleeves and got down for some real engagement.

Seattle Plays the Constitution was a public read-aloud marathon of the U.S. Constitution, accompanied by some of Seattle’s finest musicians as participants stopped to share every question, comment, point of contention, experience, idea, and interpretation. Candid and unscripted, the event was anchored by a team of Constitutional talent who shared their ideas and knowledge.

FEATURED MUSICIANS: Rob Witmer, Charles Leggett, Hans Teuber, Carl Sander + Miranda Taylor, Amy Denio, Scott Adams, Andre Elias, Mark Fauver, Fruit and Vegetable (Tim Kennedy+ Claudio Rochat-Felix) SteveFreeborn, Samantha Boshnack + Bill Bradburd.  With Preamble Treatment by Joanne Klein.

CONSTITUTIONAL TALENT: Seattle University School of Law Prof. David Skover + Prof. Christian Halliburton, UW School of Law Students Shon Hopwood, Daniel Richards + Jonathan Collins, Attorney at Law Franklin W. Shoichet.

Complimentary Constitutions * Free Admission


Monday, September 17th

6 – 7 PM
Preamble thru Article I Section 7
7 – 8 PM
Article I Section 8 thru Article II Section 2
8- 9 PM
Article II Section 2 thru Article VII
9- 10 PM
Bill of Rights
10 – 11 PM
Bill of Rights / Subsequent Amendments
11 – Midnight

Subsequent Amendments

Jewelbox Theater / 2322 2nd Ave. / Seattle 98121 / 206 441-5823

Ages 21+

Free + Open to the Public

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